Specialty Areas

Couples Coaching:

Dr. Ashkins uses a variety of skills for teaching couples communication, listening skills and empathy. She has been a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist since  1994  & became a Certified Relationship Workshop Presenter post-Katrina. Dr. Ashkins has also been cross-trained with the EFT Attachment model of couples work and uses a variety of techniques from several models. Cindy has extensive training in and experience with couples in the areas of intimacy and sexuality.

Individual Life Coaching

Dr. Ashkins is both a trained psychotherapist, using a base of Gestalt and NLP techniques and a Life Coach, training others in the area of Relationship Coaching. Explore your hearts desire, as if there were 'no limits' and create the daily, weekly and monthly goals to reach your dreams or work on one one specific area or concern and become a choice-maker in your own life.

Trauma & Addiction

A couple arguing

Dr. Cindy trained as a Massage Therapist and uses the wisdom of the body to incorporate into a holistic approach to each client. Some of these methods address various types of trauma with more gentle and indirect methods of Energy Psychology and include Breath Work, EMDR and Tapping. Dr. Ashkins specialized in Addiction Recovery for her doctoral studies and has led a variety of groups, including a Physicians and Professional in Recovery interactive group throughout the years.


"Mindful Love"   Couples Retreat

Post-Katrina, Dr. Ashkins furthered her training to become an Imago Workshop Presenter and hosted these groups with her husband, in the early months of re-building New Orleans, when the area needed both healing and hope. Cindy periodically offers these workshops along as well as her newly created 'Mindful Love' Retreats for couples, which combines essential couples communication skills with Mindfulness techniques to self-soothe during times of stress and conflict.