What Participants Are Saying…


“First of all…thank you. Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to help us heal. The guidance you’ve provided has helped me see me and understand what it means to be me. You have shown me the path and given me the tools to find my way. To grow. To heal.” J.S.

“This was an emotionally wonderful learning experience that I will cherish and use for a lifetime with my husband!’

“We got past a difficult barrier this weekend. The workshop helped us shed a light on the wounds that block us from happiness and we are now able to grow without those barriers. The facilitators were professional, fun and excellent guides without being intrusive.” J.H.

“This was an awesome workshop. The setting was comfortable enough for open dialogue, We learned great tools and we feel equipped to try harder for the marriage we want to create. ” B. E.

“Wow! I feel the workshop created safety and security and provided a true pathway for how to heal, instead of hurting my spouse, my marriage and myself. Thank you.” N.M.

“Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to us. This weekend was exactly what we needed. Issues that we have had as recurring themes in our relationship were finally out on the table and open for discussion and healing.”